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SUPRAMAX EMT is the revolutionary medical device that currently popular in aesthetic applications. It uses focused electro-magnetic field for promoting muscles strength while removing excess fat non-invasively.

         Electro-magnetic wave passes through the outer skin and fat layer to specifically stimulate deep motor neuron that controls muscle contraction, resulting Supramaximal muscle contraction. This remarkable contraction helps to strengthening and re-educating of muscle at the higher level that voluntary exercising can never do.

        Stronger muscle cell consumes more energies which stored in fat cell. This leads to apoptotic lipolysis or breaking down fat into smaller fatty acid particles that finally turn into energies to feed the muscle cell. As the result, the fat layer is smaller corresponding to the bigger of the muscle.


Supramax EMT

-    In normal condition. Fat is used as e
nergy sources  for muscle contraction.

-     Intensive supramaximal contraction
triggers a cascade effect leading to supramaximal lipolysis
in fat cells

-     Supramaximal lipolysis causes cells
dysfunction & induction of apoptosis.

Step 1 : Skin, fat and muscle from your overall body appearance.

Step 2 : The skin remains unaffected while the energy penetrates to fat and muscle layers.

Step 3 : This results in substantial improvement of your appearance due to building muscle and burning fat

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