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CO2 fractional laser Skin Resurfacing & Vaginal Tightening


1.Stable and durable RF(metal) laser tube Germany imported scan mirror bring out uniform energy and much smaller trauma spot, to make a quicker repairing period,
2. Easy maintenance(no water needed) to keep a long lifetime; around 4-5 years
3.Using scanning eld lens instead of focusing lens for better evenness for scan in a at. he diameter of spot only 0.1 mm.
4. Korean imported articulated arm ensures the most stable, uniform energy and light loss rate below 20%
5. External water tank: Eaasy for water supplying and checking, easy to assemble and disassemble


Facial & skin treatments
1. Skin rejuvenation and resurfacing
2. Repair acne scars and stretch marks, burns scars, surgical scars, light--damaged skin.
3. Removal of skin benign tumor or moles.


Gynecology treatment
1. Vegina shrinking: powerful tightening, long-term maintenance
2. Improve vagina lubrication: Increase secretion and eliminate dryness
3. Improve vagina sensitivity: newborn cells enhanced response
4. Vagina health care: Comprehensive Improvement, reduce infection
5. Vulva and areola beautify: fade away the pigment and beautify the skin tone of vulva and areola.



Proscan FG

Laser power           :   20 W


Input power           :   450 VA


Working radius      :   110 cm


Laser type              :   RF laser tube


Laser wavelength    :   10.6 µm


Divergence angle    :   4 mrad


Head focal length   :   F = 100mm


Pulse width            :   0.4~4ms


Cooling system       :   Wind cooling


Temperature           :   5-40 ∘C

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