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Last generation system for body contouring, cellulitis treatments and facial treatments- multi polar radio frequency, ultrasonic cavitation, lipolaser, led and combined synergetic vacuuming


How does Aurora X2 work.

Aurora X2 is a complex facial treatment and body contouring system which combines the following technologies with synergetic effect :  

  • The synergetic combination RF/ Lipolaser – it heats up the subcutaneous tissue, stimulating the collagen production through the increasing of the cellular metabolism, it increases firmness and reduces the volume.
  • Ultrasonic cavitation – overpressure on cavitation breaks the cell membranes and causes fat cells to implode.
  • Endormologie (Vacuum) –  it increases blood flow and stimulates lymphatic drainage which is the key to the treatment’s efficiency


Radio frequency : Aurora X2 system uses 0,8MHz radiofrequency

  • radiofrequency therapy is a non-ablative treatment which means it acts directly in the depth of the skin, without damaging the surface of the skin.
  • activating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, intensifying skin resurfacing procedures, producing collagen and elastin
  • wrinkled skin and skin lacking elasticity becomes smoother, firmer and toned, with an improved structure.

Vacuum : Aurora X2 system works with a 318mmHg vacuum, with 4 pulsed dynamic modes

  • acuum therapy stimulates body’s own mechanisms in the fight against cellulite more efficiently than any other treatment.
  • the vacuum treats the cutaneous and subcutaneous connective tissue, targeting cellulite and eliminating toxins
  • it increases fibroblasts’ activity, creating vasodilatation and oxygenation
  • it reduces water retention by boosting lymphatic and venous circulation

Lipolaser : Aurora X2  system works with a low frequency laser of 650nm

  • lipolaser is a photo-bio modulation procedure and it is efficient in reducing localized fat, girth and reducing edema
  • the fat tissue’s radiation with lipolaser creates transition pores in adipocytes and accelerates triglycerides’ decomposition. The lipids are located in the interstitial tissue from where they are processed through natural metabolism.


  •  the amount of pressure on cavitation breaks the cell membranes and causes fat cells to implode
  • triglycerides transform from solid into liquid (diglycerides)
  • they are absorbed by the lymphatic system and eliminated through urinary tract


  • Blue LED –  it eliminates the bacteria responsible for acne
  • Red LED –  stimulates the fibroblastes and the production of collagen



Aurora X2

Vacuum                  :  250 mmHg


Radio-frequency       :  0.8 mHZ


Cavitation               :  35-45 KHZ


Lipolaser                 :   650-660 nm


Blue LED                 :   415 nm


Red LED                  :  620 nm


Dimension               :  300x310x170 mm


Weight                   :  8.5 kg

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