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Vital Injector 2 - injection device

Injection device with an integrated multi-needle and vacuum – facial rejuvenation with mesotherapy solutions, hyaluronic acid implants and PRP treatments – safer, easier and faster



       Vital Injector is a specialized system for the delivery of active substances. The system offers a safe and precise mechanic control combined with the integrated vacuum’s technology for exceptional results.

The unique 5 pin multi needle system maximizes the efficiency of active ingredient delivery in the treatment area. The system also offers an intelligent user interface for a precise control of the rejuvenation treatment.

  • The unique 5 pin multi needle system for better results
  • Regularizes the surface of the skin with the vacuum and multi needle combination



  • Rejuvenation of the forehead and the iconostasis
  • The treatment of the area around the nose and eyes
  • Augmentation of the cheek bones and the maxillary
  • Nasolabial groove
  • Rejuvenation of the lips and chin
  • Treatment of post acne scars
  • Rejuvenation of the neck and décolletage area


Advantages of the Vital Injector injection device

Easy programs for the user / Safe treatments

  • Applied basic settings / functions
  • Designed for an extremely easy operation
  • Stable mechanical control system
  • Accuracy in injection   

Benefits of the vacuum – simplified treatments

  • Facilitate the control of the treatment
  • Reduces the loss of active substances
  • Minimizes the bleeding
  • Reduces the possibility of side effects

Minimized loss of active substances

  • Multi needle structure, designed to minimize the loss of active substances
  • Varied injection speeds

Vital Injector 2

Penetration depth    :   0 – 5mm (intervals of 0,2mm)


Syringes                :   1cc, 3cc, 5cc


Dimensions            :   310 x 52 x 172mm /

                               232 x 248 x 128mm


Interface                :   Display color (x2)


Injections speeds    :   5 speed settings


Operation mode    :   Intermittent / Continuous


Voltage                 :   110V~240V /



Weight                 :   2.4kg (injector + device)

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