ND-YAG New white ceramic


1.Patent high-end and elegant design for porcelain laser handle can target the treatment area more
accurately and easier to handle.
2.The new self-detection system, protect the machine comprehensively.
3.External water tank: Easy for water supplying and checking, easy for assembling and disassembling.
4.Red infrared aiming beam can target the treatment area accurately, therefore, make full use of laser energy.
5.High Frequency: 10Hz Fast shooting, shorten the treatment time and with good effect.


Treatment scopes
1.Tattoos, eyebrow, eyeline, lip-line removal;
2. Freckle, age spot, sunburns, coffee spots, nevus removal;
3. Black doll treatment (deep cleansing, pore shrinking, fine lines removal and even
the skin tones).


Treatment Principle Icon
1. Pigments in the skin.
2. Laser energy is selectively absorbed by pigments.
3. Pigments are shattered into tiny particles.
4. Pigments are metabolized out of skin



Q Smart I

Laser type           :   Q-switch ND YAG Laser


Wavelength        :    1064nm & 532nm


Cooling system    :   Wind + water


Pulse width         :   6 - 8 ns


Power                :   800 W


Voltage              :   220V/5A or



Frequency          :   1-10Hz


Dimension          :   122x59x68, 52kg