OPT/SHR Professional beautify skin


1.Changeable filter lens, one handle for all treatments, cost saving.
2.10*50mm big spot size, quick treatment, time saving.
3.UK imported xenon lamps, stable energy and high utilization of lights.
4.USA imported sapphire crystal, best cooling result, no side effect, no painless.
5.Sysem self-detection completely protect the machine and ensure the user safety.


Treatment Scopes
1. Hair removal
2. Skin rejuvenation & pores shrinking
3. Acne and acne scar treatment
4. Decrease the pigmentation
5. Fine lines removal
6.Tiny vascular removal


Treatment Principle Icon
1. IPL Energy Absorbed by pigment target cells.
2. pigment cells is resolved, then excrete out.
3. IPL stimulates collagen proliferation.
4. Pigment removal, skin rejvenation and whitening.


1. Japan imported TEC cooling plates offer effective and lasting refrigeration.
2. Patent design external water tank, with high-end and elegant outlooks, convenient to assemble and disassemble.
3. Patented rotative connector quick connecting and disconnecting,Excellent structure design, U.S.A imported spareparts, Good sealing without water spilling.
4. The patent designed handle with high-end and elegant looking is more convenient for operation.
5. UK-imported IPL xenon lamp, ensure long life time and stable energy.



Prolight II

Wavelength         :   530-1200 nm,640-1200 nm


Power                 :   800w~2000 W


Spot Size             :   10x50 mm


Cooling System     :   Semiconductor +air +water


Voltage               :    AC 110V/220V



Package              :   126x58x69cm, 61kg