How does Radiofrequency + Vacuum + Lipolaser POWERSHAPE 2 work?

       The POWERSHAPE 2 Mono- / Bi- / Multipolar radiofrequency system with integrated vacuum and lipolaser is a unique 4-in-1 body remodeling and cellulite treating system that combines the synergic effects of the vacuum (accelerates bloow flow and contours the body), the mono- / bi- / and multipolar radiofrequency (accelerates the metabolism and aids skin rejuvenation) and of the lipolaser (liquifies fat cells and tensions the skin).



  • heats up the tissues of both the superficial and the deep layers of the skin;
  • increases the intracellular distribution of oxygen through the increase of the tissue's temperature;
  • improves microcirculation, assists the activation of fibroblasts;
  • stimulates the metabolism, activates the lipolytics and reduces the local fat of the targeted area;
  • profound tonifying, regardless of the patient's age;
  • reduces the stretch marks and prevents their appearance;
  • visible improvement of the skin's aspect right after the first treatment;
  • mitigates the aspect of cellulite.


PowerShape 2 applicators

Monopolar radiofrequency (thermic)

       The POWERSHAPE™ 2 system uses advanced technology that delivers constant thermic radiofrequency energy waves (monopolar).

Bipolar radiofrequency with motorized rollers

        The bipolar radiofrequency affects the dermal layers up to a depth of 5-10mm helping the metabolism burn the adipose layers. The combined effects of the radiofrequency and vacuum’s massage is the solution without side effects, that significantly improves the aspect of cellulite and the general skin condition. A series of treatments for maintenance are necessary for long term results.

Multipolar radiofrequency

        The last generation multipolar radiofrequency technology delivers thermic energy and electromagnetic waves deep in the dermal layers to stimulate the physiological processes. This device offers great results in the treatment of cellulite, body remodeling and collagen regeneration.

Lipolaser - fat liquefaction / skin tensioning

  • lipolaser emits specific wavelengths of light (650nm) that liquifies adipose cells to assure an easier disposal of localized fat and significantly reduces the dimension of adipose cells;
  • the specific wavelength of 650nm modifies the penetrability of the adipose cell's membranes to allow the liquefied fat to exit through the intracellular space;
  • skin tensioning.

Vacuum - contouring and cleansing

  • stimulates the lymphatic drainage and blood flow
  • reduces the volume of adipose cells in the hypodermis
  • allows the delivery of energy deep in the tissue due to the suction
  • facilitates the dilation of the vessels and oxygen circulation
  • reduces the viscosity of the localized adipose cells
  • stretching and massaging effect of the fibrous tissue
  • reduces edema, contours the body's shape



PowerShape 2

Voltage                 :   110V~240V // 50/60Hz


Lipolaser               :    660 nm


Radiofrequency      :    2MHz / Mono- / Bi- / Multi-Polar


Vacuum                :    680mmHG / 4 pulse modes


Dimensions           :    415 X 575 X 1250 mm


Interface               :    D26 cm touchscreen


Weight                :    45 kg