Picosecond Laser Pigments removal & Skin rejuvenation


1.The high energy and narrow pulse width ensure the great result, comfortable feeling and fast treatment.
2. Korean imported articulated arm ensure the most stable and even energy and a light loss rate of less than 20%
3.Accessories of laser generator imported from the most famous brands in the world.
4. Metal device casing witth environmentally friendlly epoxy spray painting.
5.Self-detection avoid breaking caused by the wrong device operation and display every problem on screen if ever, which is easy for maintenance.
6. External water tank: Easy for water supplying and checking, easy to assemble and disassemble


Treatment Scopes
1.Artifcial pigment removal (lattoos, eyebrow. eyeline, lipline, etc.)
2.Natural pigments removal ( melasma. Nevus of Ofa, birthmark, black nevus, coffee spot, age spot, freckle, sunburn, etc:. )
3.Skin rejuvenation; skin brightening and frming, pores shrinking, fine lines removal and even the skin tone.


Treatment Principle Icon
1. Pigment particles absorb energy from Yag laser.
2. Pigment particles were burst into smaller particles,surrounding tissue was heated up as well.
3. Pigment particles absorb energy from picolaser.
4.Pigment particles were shattered into minuscule particles that can be easily absorbed and excreted by our body.



Pico 4Dx

Laser Type        :    Q-switch ND YAG


Wavelength     :  1064 (755) nm, 532 nm

                        ( 755 nm selective)


Pulse Width     :    2000 ps


Pulse Mode     :    Single pulse


Frequency       :    1-10 Hz


Laser Power     :    2000 W


Spot Diameter  :   2-10 mm


Voltage           :   220V/5A or 110V/10A


Pac11kage     :   124x135x70cm. 81 kg