The technology of the MagicPolar radiofrequency delivers optimal focused radiofrequency energy waves in a painless way to the level of the tegument and the subcutaneous fat deposits. The energy penetrates a well controlled depth and is focused strictly on the treatment area by the 6 electrodes positioned in a circular form. This focused delivery offers an improved efficiency that produces immediately visible results from the first treatment. The MagicPolar radiofrequency  treatment is non invasive and pleasant thanks to the low energies that are used.



  • Advanced multipolar radiofrequency (RF) technology assisted by intensive LED light therapy
  • Non invasive, safe and effective radiofrequency treatments
  • Multifunctional applications with 3 different size radiofrequency applicators
  • Ergonomic and effortless use of the radiofrequency device


The Magicpolar applicators

         The stimulation of collagen with radiofrequency for a firmer skin  : The elastic fibers of the skin – collagen and elastin – are produced by the fibroblasts. During a radiofrequency treatment , the collagen and elastin are contracted through the heating of the skin and the subcutaneous layer, resulting in a visibly firmer skin. The profound heating effect stimulates the cellular metabolism and the collagen regeneration.

         The treatment of cellulite and body remodeling with radiofrequency : The heating of adipose cells accelerates the metabolism and causes a decrease in their size. The increased temperature forces the adipose cells to secrete fatty acids ( the fat is liquefied), which is eliminated from the blood through the lymphatic system. The result is the improvement of the aspect of cellulite and the reduction of the local fat deposits.


Voltage                :    110V~240V // 50/60Hz


Power                  :    80 W


Radiofrequency     :   1 MHz & 2 MHz


Dimensions           :    320 x 415 x 330 mm


Display                :    18 cm touchscreen


Weight                :    7.5 kg