Diode Laser Hair Removal

Single pulsed lasers and IPL hair removal use high energy to heat up hair follicle and surrounding tissues that unwanted for treatment and would require the use of numbing creams to ease the pain. Diode Hair Removal uses low energy and rapid pulsing semiconductor laser targeting to heat up hair follicle, resulting hair loss, and avoid the pain associated with conventional lasers and IPL. 


Light Vs Laser

        Light consists of board spectrums with disorderly alignment of electromagnetic waves while laser is a specific band of wavelength with coherently aligned. This make treatment by laser machine more powerful and more specifically transfer heat energy to stimulate target tissue while other surrounding tissues remain uninjured. 

        The graph of relationship between the light wavelength and absorbable energy by various types of tissues. Biological tissues consist of many organic components which each component is able to absorb light energy by difference narrow bands of wavelengths of the light. 
This effect is called “Photo thermolysis” which is the key point of effective light therapy: A specific wavelength must be carefully selected in order to precisely transfer energy to target tissue with minimally irritating other surrounding tissues.  


Product Introduction

        Germany imported laser bars with precise structure, guarantee steady energy in every shot. High energy up to 1200w, transfer powerful laser energy to get excellent hair removal result. 10ms short pulse width greatly minimizing the risks of burns. Advanced TEC and sapphire cooling technology is used to keep the cooling temperature at 6°C that properly cool the skinduring hair removing meanwhile ensure zero possibility for cold injury.


Diolight I

• Long lifespan and warranty: 1,000 millions valid shots and 20 months warranty  for handle,
  1 year for mainframe.
• Excellent quality, laser still keep working stably and continuously for at least 72 hours even   
   under water.
• Perfect cooling system-conduction cooling, guarantee 72 hours long time continuous working.
• Germany imported laser bars ensure the strong power and stable energy.
• Elegant and high-end designed external water tank: Easy for water supplying and checking.
  Easy to assemble and disassemble.